Ping’s Place

It’s a cold and rainy day and I was hankering for some beef noodle soup. I tried some of the more famous places in the Atlanta area for beef noodle soup, but I was never quite impressed with them. When I heard about Ping’s Place I knew I had to give them a try.


Ping’s Place is located in the food court of the Great Wall Supermarket off of Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth. It’s an unassuming building and honestly it is in a dying plaza. But don’t let appearances deter you from going there!


The beef noodle soup at Ping’s Place is great! Flavorful with that great Taiwanese smell that reminded me of Keeleung, Taiwan. The key to any great noodle soup is a great broth with rich, deep flavors, which this soup had. Some of the beef noodle soups I’ve had at other places tasted like broth flavored with soup packets. Ping’s Place’s broth is the real deal.


The noodles are also very good. Perfectly cooked with a slight bite that gives it a toothsome mouthfeel. It was also very plentiful. They don’t skimp on the noodles at this place.


You can’t have beef noodle soup without the beef! The beef is fork tender and given in massive chunks. They give you a lot of beef. Maybe too much beef??!! Nah, that’s not possible. What am I thinking.


You also get your standard bok choy, pickled vegetables, green onions, and cilantro. You can eat a bowl of this and tell your wife you had your greens for the day.


I thought there was too much food for me to finish but I cleaned it out. A big, washbowl size bowl of beef noodle soup for $6. You can’t beat it.


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